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        "Buzz House: The Movie"

Romania / минути / N/A
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        "Buzz House: The Movie"

Romania / минути / N/A
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Buzz House: The Movie

Buzz House: The Movie

Apr. 23, 2024RomaniaN/A
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The next season of Buzz House is the most ambitious yet. Selly has prepared many surprises for the participants: secret competitors, an isolated villa in the forest that can only be reached by boat and a costumed employee, set to scare them, to have a thrilling exit. Everything is planned in detail. What’s not in the plan, though, is for a real psychopath to show up, kill the „scary“ employee, take his costume and terrorize our competitors for real. Do rivalries still matter when you’re being run over with an axe? Do friendships still matter when you have to risk your life for them? Who will manage to escape and how?

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